Monday, January 19, 2009

Day out in Sunway Pyramid

backdated.....3 months 17 days. 27th December 2008

While Dadi was moving our things from our old house to new house with some uncles, Mami and boh-boh brought kor kor and me to Sunway Pyramid to see the Christmas decorations. We heard some girls singing Christmas song. The music was too loud so boh-boh brought me further from the stage. But kor kor likes it alot.

When boh boh and Mami said "Smile boy!" we did this....

Then boh boh brought kor kor up the Ferris Wheel. Since I was sleeping Mami was busy snapping korkor's picture. And suddenly I woke up and gave mami a....


And then I did this..

I know.. I know.. I'm such a cheeky boy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I went to my first wedding dinner!

backdated......3 Months 19 Days (28th December 2008)

Yes! I went to my Cousin Uncle's Wedding in the morning and night. And we shifted house on the same day. It was a very tiring day for us (for the adults) especially me because everyone was making making faces at me so that I'll laugh out loud!

These are some of the pic taken by my cousin Rinzen.

A very typical pose by me when you flash a camera in front of me....

But now I like to try my luck and try to grab your camera cos it look so YUMMY!!!!
More pics of me coming soon. Mami just found the card reader and she's still busy unpacking and preparing for CNY. Oh yes! My first CNY (outside the tummy-last year I was only few weeks old in the tummy)!