Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The other day at poh poh's house, they're watching this chinese show. Then the show ended and they played a song. I looked up and saw a girl kissing a man. So I told mami

"Mami you see. They Kiss and Suck!"

Mami went O.o


Kor Kor was in school and Mami is working in her working room. So I played by myself with kor kor's trains. Mami removed my diaper cos she wanted me to tell her when I want to pee. I was playing with Gordon (no.4 engine in Thomas and Friends).. making tracks for him to move and suddenly I accidently banged my own kukubird. So I asked out loud

"Gordon, why you poke my kukubird?!"

And I heard mami laughed out loud from her working room. Did I say something funny?

Monday, September 13, 2010

This is how I Ride My Car

I am 2!

Finally I am 2!
That's my Cake Figurine, done by my Ah Khor based on the real story of my life. That's me playing with the crayons and pretending to sleep with my spiderman sunnies.

and that's me and my expresssion when everyone sang Birthday song for me!