Thursday, July 16, 2009

My first Art Time

10 months, 8 days...

Mami say let me join my kor kor today for art time.

I hope I can draw like my kor kor someday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ah Mah!

Sometimes I call her Ammah.

Sometimes I call her MAMA.

But I normally I'll call her ONLY when I am crying. But I think she is used to me crying, She can video me and continued to work. Sigh..... 2nd kid is like that wan la..*sniff*

right after this video, I shouted MAMI! and then only she picked me up. *sigh* the things I need to do to get noticed.

When I Am Angry...

Hey I have temper too you know?

When I am angry I'll lie down and use my leg to kick the floor.

And I can move up and up.

And sometimes I can go round and round too.

Wanna see?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Poh Poh

9 months, 27 days...

Me: Poh poh.....
Mami: Ma.. he's calling you ah..
Poh Poh: YAMEH???
Me: POH POH!!!!!
poh Poh: OIIII!!!!! *smiling from ear to ear*

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kiss Kiss and tongue

Mami thought me how to kiss. I can make the kissing mouth but then I don't know how to release and make the MUAKS sound. *Sigh* why is it so hard to kiss?

And also she taught me where is my tongue. This I know!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Where is the Hamster?

Mami said my finger is so cute when I point.

Friday, July 3, 2009

It was dadi's bday

9months 15 days...

We went to celebrate dadi's bday and mami wrote it in kor kor's blog. Here are some of the pics she took.


Yes! I am the same like my kor kor. I like to close my eyes when someone is about to snap my pictures.

Don't believe? See again.

See i told you.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Sick Sick ...

9 months 18 days...

You know why?


I have 3 teeth coming out! So pain.... So i was very cranky and cried all the time. I had fever since Sunday night.

I look funny cos i kept doing this..

Itchy itchy. I can't help it.

Then I bite on everything ... everything that I can find..


And today My fever went away. Then spots started to come out on my face and neck. Mami says its a good sign. I wonder why....


backdated again! 9 months 9 days!

mami wanted to take my pic sitting on a potty

Justin on potty2

And then I looked down and I noticed something

Justin on potty 1

Oh no, I accidently did my business. A huge one!



I am 9 months old!

Backdated again..9 months old exactly.

Jasmine cheh cheh stayed over during the holidays..

See how I hold onto Jasmine cheh cheh?




I can tease my maid samo...


Where's my kor kor?

Oh there he is!

I like riding on a bike

I'm so happy!

I went to holiday in an island.

Backdated post...8 months 28 days

Sorry mami is so busy with her work. She got no time to update my blog. So here are some picture that she took while we're on holiday in Pulau Pemanggil last June.

My cousins.. they just love to look at me, poke my cheeks, touch my hands.. I have no idea what they want.

The resort: Lanting Resort.

My first time on the beach.

My lil toes...

I got a lil scared and I cried for mami to pick me up but she said no no..

So i cried la!

And then i met the wave! I hated it so much!

We traveled on a tiny boat and went to another island..

Kor Kor was doing his "work"

DSC_0233 DSC_0232
I have nothing to do except to check out the taste of everything, including the sand.

The 2nd day we went on a speedboat to another part of the island again.

The sky was bright but not that hot.

The sand were whiter and softer. And my cousins buried me and made me into a merboy! 
I loved it!

Today I like the water. Cos it is slower and the sand is nicer.

So mami stripped me and I went to play in the water.
love it!

Then the uncles and aunties found some mangoes and Kor kor ate alot of it.

That's my mami, my kor kor and me.

Then dadi came and joint us

This place is nicer than the one we went before the day. We saw live corals

colourful fishes, some sotongs,

and also 4 turtles.

mami brought kor kor to swim in the sea.

The boat came late, so everyone waited and waited. What to do when yo have so much time and just woke up from your nap? 
Just smile and pose for the cameras! 

rinzen taking pic of justin
See even tiny photographers on board. 

I became so dark after that... 

The next day we woke up at 4 am.. the moon was still very bright. 

We slept in the boat and then when we arrrived at the Johor , it was family pic time. 
We waited for quite a long time cos there were so many cameras. Can you see kor kor getting cheeky there?

I wonder when is the next holiday? Hmmmm