Friday, July 30, 2010


That day while mami was ordering food at the shop, I heard her saying...
Mami: ini satu.... ini satu.. itu satu..

So i quickly said to the aunty..
Me: Aunty, Satu EGG!

And so.. i ordered my first food by myself..... a Lou Tan (Braised Egg)

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

We went to Taman Jaya yesterday with Jasmine cheh cheh. She was running and then when she got down on her knees , I followed and said

"Ready? Set? Go!"

Jasmine cheh cheh said to mami "mai-mai! did you hear what he said? He said ready set go lah!"

So mami said do it again and recorded this

Of me talking

In the car..
Mami: Justin what is that?
Me: That is a house. That is a tree. That is a Tower.
Mami: Dadi did you hear that? He said Tower. He pointed at the tall building and said TOWER.
Dsdi: Yeah. Justin so clever :D
Me: I am Jatin Chan Ei Ming. I am clever!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eat by Myself

mami's been training me to eat by myself...

I am Tiny Sewing Monster

My mami is big Sewing Monster.

I am Tiny Sewing Monster.

My Schedule

1 year 9 months 3 weeks and 6 days

Everyday my schedule:

8am - 9 am : Wake up
9 am - 11.30: disturb mami sewing, disturb mami design, hunt for food in the kicthen
11.30 am: mami's alarm will ring and I will bring mami's phone and ask her to pick kor kor up. So I wil bring my own diaper and also shoes for mami to put on for me.
12:15 pm: Kor kor is back and we will have lunch. After lunch its yogurt time. I like to eat it myself and I look like this.

12.30pm: Bath and rest (actually mami's turn to drink coffee or eat her lunch)
1.30pm : Get ready for nap & drink milk
2 - 5pm: Nap
5pm: Wake up and disturb everyone (I'm so busy!) Snack, TV, Play with kor kor.
7pm: Dinner then disturb dadi and kor kor and mami
11:00pm: Sleep. Yeah I sleep very very late cos I nap alot during noon.

That's my schedule for the weekdays. :)

I just love to disturb!

Mami is sewing...always sewing.. and I love to sit behind her and disturb her.

Share Share titi...

Since my kor kor said "Don't touch my computer", "Don't disturb me!" and also "Don't block me!". So I just quietly sit behind and peek at what he is doing with his computer. I'm a gudddd boy!


1 year, 9 months, 3 weeks and 1 day old.

I like to say "Surplize!" but mami and kor kor doesn't look surprise and sometimes they will say *ai........* cos I loveeeee to disturb them when they are working or playing.