Thursday, April 16, 2009

7 months + 1 tooth

7 months!

YAY! I am 7 months now and I LOOOOVEEE to suck my thumb!

Sometimes I wil suck my toes too. Old people said that when I suck my toes, mami will get another baby. But no way! I'm the last one for my mami!

At 7 months I am 7.6kgs. I think I lost some weight because I've started to combat crawl everywhere. Sometimes I'll sit on the walker and walk around the living room and pull out mami's plant. But mami will scold me and say NoNo and wave her finger. Sometimes when I'm being naughty she will spank my thigh and I will cry a little. But not for too long cos I love to laugh alot!

Mami is feeding me porridge now. I can eat alot of things now like egg yolk, spinach, sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin, brocolli and many more. Now, kor kor share the same food as me and he said it's yummy! Sometimes when we go out for dinner, mami will feed me toufu and some rice. YAY! I can sit on the baby chair and eat like an adult.

I am still drinking my mami's milk. But lately she didn't rest and sleep enough so there's not enough milk for me so she gave me milk powder. But  still, I  like to suckle for comfort once in a while especially during the night time.

My first tooth sprouted out on the 10th of April 2008. I was exactly 7 months then. That week, everyone was sick. Kor kor was sick for one whole week and I was cranky too cos my gums hurt. Then mami and dadi was sick and last our maid Ning also fell ill. Boy it was a tough week for mami but we're all okay now.



Walau .. mami still breastfeeding you ar? You lucky boy man!

Kristie said...

justin is a big boy now! wow u can eat a lot, that's a good boy :)

pearly said...

I love the blue bb cloth on you Justin look o cool ,
wooo teeth come out now big boy already huh . also can eat lot of yummy yummy food .
you be good boy for your mummy OK :)

Merryn said...

cantik nya ur baju! love it! interesting taste of a variety of food eh? clever boy!

Mommy to Chumsy said... are super duper cute justin. you look so handsome in this blue outfit. is that a japanese baby wear? your mami got good taste hor? eh..i think you don't only suck your thumb, you love sucking all your fingers too. very tasty eh?

Ann said... 1 tooth, breastfeeding not painful ah? Soon more will sprout and he will be eating more and more stuff!