Thursday, October 23, 2008

31 Days

Backdated post....

Mami is pretty busy with her work and also with me at home. Yes, I'm a very demanding baby. I like to drink very little milk and then I will play for 2 hours and then sleep for 30 mins and then its time for milk again! I think I love my mami so much, I want to see her all the time. And when I'm up, I want her to carry me and also talk to me.



I think she love me alot too. But I don't know why she sigh so much...


Shannon said...

he is seniji as HL
look at his tummy... hehehe... so cute... :D

Kok said...

Baby J,
Seems like you're as "busy" as your mami hor? Your mami sigh because you don't know how to talk yet. So she thought sigh is how you talk loh. kekekeke.