Friday, October 24, 2008

I love to bath!

Well, not during the bath but after the bath. Cos mami will massage me and I love it!




See how satisfied I am with the massage session? VERY!


Kok said...

Baby J,
You really enjoy lah! kekekeke.

mom2ashley said...

Wow.. Another blog to maintain?:) justin's tummy is so big and round:)

pearly said...

hhhaa love the last picture he does enjoy so much look at his big happy face .
my Aden also love it too so funny baby love to be nuke and messenger their little feet :0

TripleJin said... syiok! I aso love to be massaged............sigh..

Shannon said...

now ur mami massage u, when u grow up, u massage ur mami aaaaa.... :D
look at his tummy... wana bite can? hahaha