Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I stayed in hospital...

That day I was having sore throat. Then I had fever. Mami thought I was teething. Then I cannot eat. Kor Kor was also sick and having fever too. Then both of us cannot eat anymore. So mami brought me to the hospital at 5am and the doctor poked my hand to put drip. So painful. I cried so loud in the emergency room. Then I went to sleep.

Mami and Ning cheh cheh stayed with me in the hospital. Kor kor was at home with dadi and came later.

I wanted to drink milk, but when i start to swallow my throat hurts and I started to cry. Then the nurse fed me some medicine and then I can eat edi. But I can only drink 1oz of milk.

I cried alot. And I slept alot.

And then kor kor came and sleep next to my bed. He was also on drip.

That night we all (dadi, mami, ning cheh cheh, kor kor and me) slept in the hospital.

The next day, I started to drink without painkillers. Mami's milk is so yummy! Then the doctor came and told mami that I can go home. So they removed my drip and I was busy exploring the bed. Before that mami and ning cheh cheh took turns to carry me.

Kor Kor still cannot go home yet, so I waited for him and played by myself.

Then Dadi and Ning Cheh Cheh brought me home and bath me. Wuahhhhh so nice! and then we went back to the hospital and mami said that kor kor also can go home. So that night we all went home and slept in our own bed. So nice!


Kristie said...

get well soon justin, u poor little thing!

Moonlight_tears said...

Hope you and your kor kor get well soon..
By the way, you have grown so much..=). Love your new hairstyle.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Poor thing, everyone sick! Hope your boys are better now.