Thursday, May 7, 2009

And more fun in the park!

7 months 23 days...

Since yesterday we went to the small playground near our house, mami said "come let's all go to TTDI park".

Once we're there, my kor kor was busy playing with the slides and walking in the stream trying to catch some fish with Ning Cheh Cheh. So mami put me on the grass and she keep saying "Titi, look at mami!" But then I prefer to crawl and crawl until dadidi came and said "titi boy...titi boy....." and I smiled at him.

Justin In Park 2


Justin In Park 1

justin in park

Justin In Park 5



Justin and Mami in Park1

on and off I'll do this..
Justin In Park 4
I'm trying to stand up but there's nothing for me to hold onto

And sometimes my kor kor will come and join me crawl on the floor like this..
Justin In Park 3
He's funny!

I love the park. I want to go again!


Oliveoylz said...

Both kids looking for gold? kekeke. It's fun letting the little one explore new textures!

Kristie said...

so cute, very beautiful photos!

Ann said...

Your Justin boy is tooooo cute!!

Wanted to go to the park as is the condition of the monkeys these days? Still alot and aggresive?